Laszlo Csaki's new chalk animated short is based on Ambrose Bierce's short story, Oil of Dog. The story of Boffer Bings (aka Martin), is set in a village, where his father manages a lucrative dog-oil producing factory. Martin not only assists his father in procuring dogs for distillation, but he also helps his mother by carrying away the debris of her studio, where she disposes unwelcomed babes. Martin is proficent in his jobs. But one night he accidentally invents a new formula that makes the family’s business boom. After telling his parents the secret of his invention, they no longer need him and become slaves to their passion even if it means losing their minds in the process. Tragedy is inevitable. Laszlo used analogue frame by frame animation technique, so each image was first handrawn with a white chalk on a black board. Later he digitally dimesionalised these images to create an unusual visual world where he could play with depth of field and camera angles, while he is still able to keep the analogue, handdrawn feel.